"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." -Mark Twain
The Write Side Poets presents a number of workshops in various locations throughout the Broward and Dade Areas. Workshops typically run in 8 to 10-week blocks. A place for artistic and critical growth, the after-school workshops focus on different aspects of writing, from fiction, playwriting, and poetry, to performance and poetry slams. Taught by leading poets, writers, spoken word artists, and cultural activists, they are conducted throughout the South Florida Area from 4-6PM. TWSP presents over 200 hours of after-school workshops to hundreds of teenagers every year. Each workshop is open to any teen 13-24 years old. All workshops are free and no registration is necessary.

Spoken Word is a teachable, reachable art.
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The Write Side Poets offers a number of dynamic workshops. Choose which learning environment would best suit your students:

1. "Speak Poet" Creative Workshop
Led by one adult mentor, these workshops are designed to create a student-centered learning environment that promotes critical literacy, artistic self-expression and poetic social dialogue, transcending barriers of race, class, gender and culture. Teen writers will experiment, explore, and eventually explode their work in performance. In an effort to engage students in the act of writing, all forms of writing/spoken expressions are nurtured: drama, song, hip-hop, etc.

2. "Rap -v- Poetry" Workshop
This workshop compares Tupac to Shakespeare, Latifah to Giovanni. Students will read and hear that the spoken word has not changed…as the word is still the word, generation after generation.

3. "Life after High School" Workshop
This workshop facilitates students through the transition between high school and the days post-graduation. We delve into such topics as college, the job market, climbing the corporate ladder, carving out a niche of home-based business, taking time off to intensive PhD studies. This workshop helps students map out their future, preparing them for roadblocks and motivating them with the reality of life after high school. This workshop helps prime students for what comes after the Prom is over.

4. "Stop the Presses!"
Starting a youth newsletter for your school, family tree, church or organization? This workshop brings professional beat writers together with young scoops, teaching them the ins and outs of what it takes to find the facts, report the news, and meet a deadline. With the help of local newspaper writers and photojournalists from the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinal, NewTimes, and City Limits, students learn to create and manage their own newsletters.

5. "Speak Up For My Block"
Young writers are brought in for this workshop to help encourage young adults to speak up for their communities. This is a Low Level writing workshop that will bring awareness to Today's problems with youth and their communities. This is a positive and engaging rap session with young leaders in our world trying to make a difference and a change.

6. "The Write Intensives"
These workshops are geared towards particular themes (as defined by your organization) and afford the youth an opportunity to get in touch with history and poetry. This workshop entails Low Level reading and writing about past historical events and how they affect our lives today.

7. "Show Me the Money"
Led by one adult mentor, these workshops are designed to assist high school Seniors in writing exciting and thorough scholarship essays. They'll learn where to find the money, how to apply for the money, and then write an essay that will grab any panel of academics' attention.

8. The Write Performance Event
Need help kicking off your poetry club or special event? A Write Side Poetry show allows students, teachers, and school administrators a chance to see how TWSP works. This event is hosted by a WSP poet and features past and present WSP spoken word artists. Our shows are geared toward getting students excited about writing, performing, and poetry. After eight weeks of after school workshops, TWSP comes back and does it again! This time, we recognize the workshop writers who have participated in the workshops. Our assembly poetry shows can help your school find hidden talent that teachers and fellow students never knew existed. Our poetry shows include a WSP host, DJ, Youth Poets and the "energy" you need to start your poetry club or special event.

Contact us at workshops@writesidepoets.org and let us help you find the Write workshop for your students.
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