This year, The Write Side Poets is looking for up to 35 young people to be a part of My Voice, a youth poetry advisory board. My Voice participants are selected through an application process and should represent (as best as possible) the demographics of the population we serve in all our programs. My Voice members are the public face of The Write Side Poets, conducting outreach to schools and at events, helping produce CD's and books, developing press materials, assisting in the workshop program, and acting as advisors to The Write Side Poets Board and Staff by meeting monthly to evaluate current programs and brainstorm new ones.
My Voice members operate in four committees (publications, documentation, event productions, and workshop development) and partner with the appropriate staff person to develop a work plan and conduct on-site workdays throughout the school year. My Voice is coordinated through the Arts-in-Education Department, but all four committees work under the program heading. This design best utilizes youth development processes and practices while fully incorporating My Voice members into the daily programming of The Write Side Poets.
My Voice is broken up into 4 committees: 1) Publications (CD's & chapbooks), 2) Documentation 3) Event Production and 4) Workshop Development.

Publications (CD's & Chapbooks) Committee: helps put together CD's and chapbooks of youth poets. Members will have access to all of the audio recordings from our live events and can also develop CD's that are recorded in studio. In addition, the CD team is responsible for assisting in the design of the project, including the cover, inside cover, and listings on the back of the CD case as well as the CD itself. This committee also assists TWSP Staff in our small press chapbook publication program and helps put together an annual anthology.

Documentation Committee: ensures that all Write Side Poets' events are recorded in both audio and video formats. Members assist in shooting, editing and mastering a number of videos over the course of the year. The focus of the video projects will (for the most part) be chosen by the members of the committee, but must also stay true to the goals and direction of the organization. Videos should be made to be used as promotion for The Write Side Poets and may be put on the website. Members of this committee will be trained in both video and audio recording and production.

Event Production Committee: serves two functions: 1) works closely with the TWSP Staff to manage and coordinate the significant number of requests for poet performances making sure all requests are processed in a timely and professional manner. The committee members are responsible for presenting these performance opportunities to all members of My Voice. And, 2) the Event Production Committee is primarily responsible for coordinating My Voice staffing at all WSP events.

Workshop Development Committee: responsible for developing and teaching workshops for youth outside of The Write Side Poets as a tool for recruitment of youth and promotion of The Write Side Poets philosophy. Members will be responsible for designing workshops for youth conferences, special events, and youth interested in experiencing a Write Side Poets workshop. Members work closely with experienced poet-mentors to develop the skills necessary to facilitate Write Side Poets writing workshops. The committee receives training in workshop and curriculum development, peer-to-peer education and other skills needed to engage young people with the issues that matter to them most and respond to them through the writing process.

Additional My Voice Responsibilities: All My Voice Members are also required to attend monthly meetings at The Write Side Poets' space in Fort Lauderdale and must be consistent attendees in a minimum of two 10-week after-school Write Side Poet workshops. My Voice members will also pick up office duties as necessary, such as updating the mailing list and helping with in-house projects not listed above.
Contact Troven Pearson at MyVoice@writesidepoets.org to discuss your involvement with My Voice.
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